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Siemens Hearing Aids

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advices

Siemens is one of the most famous names in the electronics field. This familiarity and brand trust makes Siemens a very attractive option for many people, including those who are shopping for a hearing aid for the first time.

With its hearing aids, Siemens built on its reputation by providing products with complex software options mostly focused on automatic adjustments and enhanced speech clarity. However, Siemens’ hearing instruments division was sold to Singapore’s Sivantos in 2015 and then was rebranded as Signia the following year.

You can still find some of Siemens’ original models alongside Signia’s newer creations. Could they be the right choice for you? These hearing aids are a large investment, so we’ve done the testing and examined dozens of sites in order to discover what is still available, what prices you can expect, and all other pertinent details to help you decide.

Review Summary


  • Most Siemens hearing aids are still currently being serviced by Signia
  • A wide catalog can address many different degrees of hearing loss
  • Siemens pioneered streaming technology for hearing aids – send music or TV sound signals directly to your device wirelessly
  • Its touchConnect app offers a discreet way to adjust your hearing aid’s settings on the go
  • Older models still offer competitive technology, but at lower prices than Signia’s devices


  • The brand doesn’t have many models with rechargeable batteries
  • You won’t be able to access the latest technology, as everything post-2015 is now made by Signia
  • As more of Siemens’ old products are discontinued, they will become increasingly harder to find
  • Discontinued products may over time make maintenance more difficult
  • Siemens doesn’t sell its products directly; third parties handle fitting, adjustments, etc.

Bottom line

Siemens is technically no longer a hearing aid manufacturer – so their models will start to show their age more as time goes by – but the brand’s prestige remains. Many of the features they introduced in 2015 are still impressive. Siemens may be a good choice for you if you want a high-quality, durable device with no surprises, but are willing to skip on the very latest technological features. Siemens hearing aids are more expensive than some modern competitors who have found clever ways to keep costs down – check out our MDHearingAid review for more on that – but still more affordable than the latest and fanciest hearing aids.

The Research

How to buy a Siemens hearing aid

Buying a new hearing aid is a complex process, especially if you were never fitted for one before. If you are specifically looking for a Siemens model, this can become even harder for a few reasons:

  • Many models have now been rebranded as Signia.
  • Some product lines have old models under Siemens and newer versions sold as Signia.
  • Neither Siemens nor Signia sell hearing aids directly to the customer. Instead, people are encouraged to visit an audiologist first for a hearing evaluation. This often marks up the price significantly, but for first-time buyers, it can be unavoidable.

If you are seeking to replace your old hearing aid or already have an established relationship with an audiologist, then it will be easier for you to buy a Siemens hearing aid online. You may be able to pay up to 15% less if you buy from an online store rather than a local audiologist. Some online stores will also include extra accessories, such as a one-year supply of batteries or wax guards.

If you try to buy Siemens hearing aids online, you will still need an audiologist to calibrate your new hearing aid and to help you tune it. Additionally, if you are a first-time hearing aid user, you’ll probably need a few follow-up appointments over the first six months. Without these, you may not be able to make the most of your investment.

Conversely, buying a new hearing aid directly from your audiologist will also let you access test runs and financing options for your new hearing device. Most of the time, purchasing in this fashion will include the price of the initial consultation or add a “bundle” of follow-up appointments as part of the listed price.

The prices included below are averages and represent the price of a single hearing aid alone, except where otherwise noted. As you can see, most Siemens hearing aids will sell for $1,000 per hearing aid, at minimum, though there is one older model that you can find for about $600 per device.

How does Siemens compare to competitors?

The fact that people still look for Siemens hearing aids, even though they’re no longer manufactured, is a testament to their quality and the level of trust the company earned over time.

Siemens hearing aids are more affordable than some cutting-edge hearing aids that are manufactured today, but they’re definitely not the most affordable options you can find, despite their age; you will still pay a higher price for the prestige of the Siemens brand name and the innovation it signified, and there are additional fees to consider as well, which we’ll outline later in this review.

If you’re looking to spend much less money on a device that will provide high-quality hearing, but at the same time you would be more comfortable investing in devices that are still being manufactured, we recommend you check out our MDHearingAid review. Because MDHearingAid controls the entire process of manufacturing, sales and repair, their most popular digital hearing aid will cost $400, which is less than half of the starting price of most Siemens hearing devices – in many cases, more like a third of the Siemens price – even before you pile on the additional fees for Siemens. You buy directly from MDHearingAid, and they help you with fitting and adjustments. Something worth considering.

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