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If you are in search of a budget welder that offers you exceptional features, then Lincoln Electric LE31MP is surely the one. It is a multi-purpose welder that is suitable for diverse use and comes in an affordable price range. To sort out the best is not easy. We have thoroughly and comprehensively review Lincoln Electric LE31MP for you to look at its astounding features and quality specifications together with analyzing all the pros and cons this machine comes with. Let’s hop in!

Lincoln electric is a reputed and well-recognized company that has made its name for manufacturing quality, incredible welding products. The company has earned the position and status of being the best. The company not only manufactures the welders. It has also manufactured several other materials related to the welding industry such as materials of arc welding, robotic welding equipment, and lastly, cutting equipment. The model LE31MP is surely a masterpiece of this company when we review all of its features and technologies.

Lincoln Electric LE31MP Review:

This unit is exceptional and stands out among other welders. It operates at 120 volts which are quite standard. This enables it to be used anywhere, may it be market or at home. There is more to this welder. This welder has multi-process functionality. A similar feature can be found in elite MP140i. This feature enables you to switch between MIG, Stick, or either TIG according to your convenience, need, and suitability.

You can gas weld using MIG with utmost control and right stability. This type of welding with this incredible piece enables you to weld thin metals, steel, and even aluminum. However, one can switch to stick welding or TIG welder whenever they want with ease and comfort.

Lincoln Electric LE31MP – MIG Welder with Multi Processes:

This welder is most suited to the people new to the welding industry. The beginners enjoy this machine as it comes with easy set-up and the simplest operation. Along with the incredible ease, the welder has easy switching between the welding types. The best thing with this welder is that it clears the confusion of choosing between TIG, MIG, or either Stick, as it comes equipped with three of them.

Best Multi-Process Welder

Lincoln Electric LE31MP Review

Best Flux-Cored Welder

  • Extreme versatility
  • Excellent amperage range
  • High torque

The welder is not only suited for beginners but also is a great consideration for professionals and experts in the welding field. Whether it’s about getting rusty or some current, the welder satisfies it all. This must be duly considered that the welder is well suited for small jobs and low scale projects. Trying it for industrial or hardcore projects wouldn’t be very beneficial.

Features you get with Lincoln LE31MP Welder:

There are multiple features which you would absolutely love and which makes it worth buying. The machine is equipped with quality features. Let us have a look at the astounding features of the unit in depth.


The machine is suitable to be operated on the most common voltage which is 120 volts. This is quite standard to be used anywhere. Whether you are taking this to markets or anywhere else, the welders perform above and beyond. The machine is ideal to be used anywhere and for a number of jobs, may it be regarding automobiles or for home purposes, the welder has got you all covered.

The welder has exceptional strength. For a welder possessing such strength, the welder is very lightweight. Due to the welder being this light, it is quite efficient to be carried around with incredible ease and remarkable comfort. Having a weight of just 50 pounds, the ease with which it can be moved around is exceptional.

Wire drive:

The ease and freedom of adjusting the function of the welders make the work really simple. This welder falls no short of standard and quality and promises quality performance. This welder is highly adjustable according to your convenience and needs. This particularly benefits the beginners as adjusting is made easier for them according to their working style. Besides being fully adjustable, the drive system is so designed to prevent unnecessary tangling.

The beginners are an absolute fan of this welder as this welder is equipped with a brass-to-brass gun which results in the amplification and enhancement of the conductivity. Not only remarkable conductivity but also the quiet operation is achieved. The aluminum gearbox integrated makes it possible to reduce the unnecessary, annoying noise. The aluminum gearbox also results in delivering the drive torque.


The utmost performance which this welder guarantee has been proven to many welders. The stick welding makes you perform with stellar confidence and have smooth, stable arcs that stand out among the work of other welders. It has a deep penetration of about half an inch to quarter an inch on the carbon plates. The stick welding, however, provides excellent penetration of about 3/16 inches which is incredible.

Practical arc:

The arc provided offers incredible advantages. The arc ensures minimum spatter which enhances durability and eliminates any mess. The arc also enhances performance by making the dialing very smooth and simple. Lastly, this makes the operation remarkably easy and trouble-free. Another impressive feature is the current it takes. For just 120 volts, the machine draws incredible current which helps weld smoothly and finely. The amperage that the machine provides is almost varied between 40-120 amperes.

MIG Weld:

If you are a welder who truly enjoys the MIG style of welding, this unit is going to be your absolute favorite. This possesses the incredible capability to weld as thick as 24 gauge to as thin as 3/16 inches in a go. Astounding! Isn’t it? You can also use this welder to weld up to a quarter of an inch of steel by the use of Lincoln wires.

TIG Weld:

Except for the scratch start the machine offers, the rest is quite good with TIG welding. This is found in a number of units which are usually cheaper than this quality machine. This machine will prove to be a real challenge for those who aren’t well-versed with scratch start machines as it can cause trouble for them. The machine is quite effective and efficient with the work and doesn’t waste much of the material due to which tungsten can also be used. This provides as deep a penetration as 1/8 inches which is quite a lot.

A trade-off that comes with this unit is that the TIG torch is not included with the kit and has to be purchased separately. The same is the case with foot pedals. Although you have to spend an extra amount to get it, the machine is a champion in what it dies and ensures quality results and performance. Many people find it hard to carry the torch around though it makes the weld perfect.

Foot pedal:

The pedal makes the job easier and simpler. Moreover, it enhances efficiency and performance. The unit is all set to detect it as soon as you plug it in. One big advantage offered by this is that you can always give it an initial push by tapping the foot pedal for the starting flow of the gas for the outstanding weld.

In order to enhance the post-flow time, the work is as easy as just a tap, and the job is done; the time has increased. The additional thing that is added to the kit is a spoon gun which can be efficiently used with MIG welding resulting in deep and high-precision welding.

Easy Interface:

The large display enhances the readability and provides ease of understanding. Not only does the display grabs attention but also improves your understanding. It serves as a helpful medium for not only beginners but also professionals.

The display is quality and lacks unneeded clutter. This becomes really simple and easy for hobbyists and beginners to get their hands on it and to improve the understanding. Coming with the set-up guide, setting it up becomes super easy and doesn’t frustrate you.

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